We have apricot, pomegranate, Meyer lemon, orange and grapefruit trees that are over 50 years old. The air smells like sweet orange blossoms and the trees keep the yard cool.

Happy New Year 2016!
Wishing all of you lots of love,laughs, health and wonderful memories for this upcoming year.

We have a lovely farm and all dogs sleep inside the house or in our climate controlled rec room and we play kids movies and soft nature sounds for them at night to help them sleep.

They sleep inside a climate controlled recreation room or in the house; depending on how busy we are.

You are welcome to bring beds and blankets or a crate/den to help them feel comfy.

We do not board hunting breed mixes, Pit Bulls or Pit Mixes or any kind of aggressive dogs regardless of size.

If your dog snaps or growls or tries to attack/bite me or my dogs when we meet, then Moon Dogs is not a good fit for you.

It is at our discretion of when we can accept new clients and dogs depending on our availability, season of the year and temperament of your dog. 

Moon Dogs Urban Farm is local,
family owned, native California
small business.

Thanks again to the Los Angeles  community for trusting us with your sweet furbies!!

 All dogs at Moon Dogs Urban Farm
play and roam on a 20,000 square foot pet hotel that was once an
original orchard and working farm from the early 1900's.

Moon Dogs is a lot like camp but they do sleep inside a rec room or in the house.

 The dogs love to fall asleep (inside the house) to the sound of crickets and night owls (we play movies for them too) and  playing at night under the stars and then they come inside and snuggle in their beds with blankets and pillows.

We have lights outside and they play freely but they all sleep inside in a climate controlled recreation room.

Everyone says their dogs start getting happy and excited as soon as they turn down the street to come stay at Moon Dogs Farm.

That is the best review we could ever ask for.

We farm organically as much as possible and do not use Roundup.

Beds, blankets and crates are recommended to bring for boarding so your dog has her own "den" and safe place to rest at night. They have to be secured in a crate at night when it's bedtime.

You bring their food and treats we'll feed them.

All of our prices are depending on how long they are boarding,  the size and temperament of your dog.

We do not board by weight, but by how big they are and how well trained they are.

Moon Dogs Urban Farm helps to socialize your dog as they learn from playing with other family friendly dogs who are affectionate.

A meet and greet is required to make sure boarding is a good fit for everyone and we book up early on holidays.  Please come early for a meet and greet and check out the farm!

We start boarding very small dogs like Yorkies at $30 per day.

Labradors, Husky's, Border Collies and dogs of that size are $40-$45 a day.

Goldendoodles and large dogs start at $45 per day.

We can give you a daily rate discount if you are going out of town for more than 7 days, but during our peak seasons of Summer and Winter Holidays we book up quickly with our regular clients so our prices depend on availability and schedule.

We cannot board aggressive dogs (ones that snap or bully small dogs), dogs that aren't neutered/spayed or  Pit Bull Mixes.

We cannot board dogs in ill health or if they are over 12 years old.

If your dog looks anything like a
Pit Bull Mix or Rottie; we cannot board them.

All dogs must have current vaccines & be on flea & tick medicine when boarding at Moon Dogs.

We do have recommendations for others family farms nearby if you have a dog who has problems or was recently rescued and needs help; and we can refer you to reputable people who train & rehabilitate dogs.

I have two rescued dogs and understand there are differences in temperament;and we try to work with all types of dogs as much as possible. 

Telephone: 818-259-9346

~Thanks for stopping by and checking out Moon Dogs Urban Farm.~

We don't take dogs who are aggressive, bite, snap, snarl or any large hunting/bully breeds (I.E., Rottie's, Pitbulls, American Bull Terriers, etc...)

 We offer a variety of pet sitting options, so please read below for pricing and follow the email instructions if you would like me to email you a pet intake form and packet.

We only board dogs here at the farm, but do offer pet sitting at your home.

We also have trusted staff who are able to do quick visits/feedings or long overnights stays at your home.

The fastest way to set up a
meet & greet at Moon Dogs Farm is through our website under the "Contact Us" section.

Please fill out dates, size, temperament and drop off/pick up times needed in the comments. 

All of the prices below are subject to the dogs temperament and manageability. We don't have hidden fees.

$30-45*  per day for small/mediumish sized dogs (like a Labrador). 
* All prices are dependent on the temperament and training of the dog. 

$55-$65*  per day for two small dogs
*(Lap dog sized)
*(one small and one medium sized dog,i.e; a small maltese and a terrier or medium border collie. )

Free check out the last morning of boarding up to 11:30 am.

Thanks again and have a wonderful summer season!

Morgain McGovern
Owner/Sole Proprietor
Moon Dogs Urban Farm

Locally owned, small company and
California native business. 
Moon Dogs staff consists of
San Fernando Valley locals, friends and family who are animal owners and lovers themselves.  

Our walkers and helpers at the farm must come with wonderful references (most are family or friends or friends of family) and/or own an animal.
They all  have stellar references.

It's a lot like camp!

Boarding/Pet Ranch
Daily & Weekly Lunch Walks
Nature Hikes
Cat Visits
Nature Hikes
dog walking/cat sitting

We do not board unfixed doggies

Hours of operation:
9am-6:30 pm 
(No visitors allowed on property after dusk/sundown)

Saturday & Sunday
11am-1:45 pm
(For Drop offs/Pick ups only.) 
We can make special arrangements in cases of emergency.

Thanks for checking out Moon Dogs!

Moon Dogs Farm has 2 outside cats and 2 inside cats, as well as 2 farm dogs who all live here year round.

If you scroll to the a few paragraphs below, you will find all of the information you need; prices,
meet & greets, & set up. Please include dates needed for boarding.

We will email you back the intake file packet as soon as your request is received.

All of these prices include unlimited play and petting time.

**Summer Boarding & Holidays **

Please try to reserve a spot for boarding during high season holiday
(June-September) weekends;
and also to set up a meet and greet before we are booked.

The fastest way to set up a
meet & greet is through our website under the "Contact Us" section.
Please fill out the dates and drop off/pick up times needed in the comments.

  The fastest way to set up a meeting and to come over to Moon Dogs Farm  is via email for a quote and please include size/temperament of your doggie.


WE CAN OFFER LUNCH TIME WALKS AND HIKES AT OR NEAR YOUR HOME. Seriously, we can find something that works for you if you are going on a trip and need options, but we need enough time and must book in advance. 

All representatives of Moon Dogs are trained on overnights at Moon Dogs Farm and we offer overnight visits and house sitting or dinner feedings at your home too.

We are a small company and very picky about who we hire to care for our furbies.

Our representatives
(dog sitters/walkers) that help run and play with the dogs here consist of  family and friends who have wonderful references and resume's for your files on request.

They have all spent overnights at Moon Dogs Farm caring for the animals and are also pet owners themselves.

Year round prices

$40 a day for unlimited
indoor/outside playtime and fun.
This is for small/medium size dogs only.

$55 a day for 2 small dogs, unlimited indoor/outside playtime. This deal is for small/medium size dogs only. 

 We have fruit trees & open spaces where they can chase birds & squirrels and lay in the sun. 

Moon Dogs offers a variety of options for furbies of all kinds;
cats, dogs and chinchillas are all part of our repertoire.
Check us out on Yelp!
We have lovely  reviews from people who love their animals.
There isn't any other pet hotel, dog kennel or pet boarding like Moon Dogs.

Some pets do better in a quiet home atmosphere rather then being with a lot of strange dogs at kennel.

Moon Dogs Urban Farm helps to socialize your dog and they learn from playing with other family friendly dogs who are affectionate.

We have three cats who have their own fenced off area, but sometimes they like to go streaking through the yards and property.

The cats are too mesmerizing for some breeds; and our cats aren't afraid of dogs, so we need to keep them safe.

We are close to Studio City, Sherman Oaks and convenient freeway access from most areas in Los Angeles.

We have apricot, pomegranate, Meyer lemon, orange and grapefruit trees that are over 50 years old. The air smells like sweet orange blossoms and the trees keep the yard cool..

We try to run an organic ship; we don't use pesticides or herbicides (sometimes we have to, like once a year, but really try not to) on the grass so we do have weeds & prickers sometimes; but that's life on an urban farm..

Moon Dogs Farm has a secure 6 foot fence around our entire farm.

We try to stick with natural pest control and use mostly all organic means of farming and fertilizing.

We do not use Roundup.

We start boarding at $40 a day for small dogs and $55 (total) a day for two small dogs under 20 pounds.

We want our customers to tell their friends how awesome we are.

 From Encino to the deep wilds of Laurel Canyon, Moon Dogs has a large area of service. We have two huge farm lots to play and run in, and lots of room to roam outside under shady trees.

After rescuing my dog Gracie under a car, I needed a pet sitter. It was hard to find a place for boarding at a reasonable price where she could play outside and not have to deal with a loud and scary kennel.

 Grace was used to running free at Moon Dogs Farm; where we have an organic garden and many mature fruit trees. I wanted to create an affordable place for dogs that was like the country, but had the convenience of being 20 minutes from Santa Monica and near Ventura Blvd.

Your dogs will be in a home environment all of the time & since we don't take a lot of dogs at once; they have lots of quality petting & playing time.

Moon Dogs also works with strays and rescue animals groups.

Your dog will play outside all morning, laze about in the sun or find a shady spot under a tree.

They all love to help garden and watch me pull weeds.

Late night games of fetch before bed are a must for a good night's sleep. 
It's a lot like camp!

The A/C is always on inside and they are kept inside during the hottest times of the day and always sleep inside at night.

We want you to come back every time you need a pet sitter, weekly dog walker or boarding services.
We want you to recommend us to your friends.
Moon Dogs Farm is in the heart of the historic area in Van Nuys.
We're very close to the 405 & Sherman Way.

After running in the yard, most dogs get tired here after dinner. They get a good night's sleep at Moon Dogs.
Private list of long time client references will be provided upon request.

  It's hard enough to be away from your pets when you are traveling or working for long periods of time, so we want to make this as easy and comfortable as possible for you and your dog.

What Kind Of Services Do You Provide?
Lunch walks, Nature Hikes, Boarding, Pet Hotel, weekly dog walking at your home,cat visits & playtime.
Vacation cat visits and feedings at your home.
Whatever you schedule needs, we can help you.
Boarding at our farm.
Overnight stays or visits/walks at your house.
Weekly/Daily lunchtime dog walks.
We do dinner feedings/walks if you have a long day at work; these  are all part of our services.

Is Moon Dogs Ridiculously Expensive?
Moon Dogs prices are very reasonable.
How reasonable?

Considering big box pet supply stores quoted me $45-$55 a day and keep the dog inside, and in a cage for 23 hours, I think we offer a great bargain.
We have better rates than a vet and the big box pet stores and your dog gets to play inside & outside all day- and all evening with very few dogs around It's a special experience. .

Please call 818-259-9346 & we can go over options/ prices and what works for you.

Meet & Greet
   We offer a free consultation and visit with you at your home or at Moon Dogs Farm.
It's a great way to meet each other, your pet and offer our many solutions.




If you would like to board at Moon Dogs, you are welcome to bring over your dog to meet the pets here to make sure everyone gets along.
There are three cats and a dog here & they're used to friendly, curious dogs.

We need  your pet intake file filled out and on file via email before you come over.

This is Los Angeles and there are lots of 'interesting' people here.
This is our safety policy and hope you understand.

Daily Dog Walking & Cat Visits & House Sitting

We can offer daily visits to check on your house and cat sit while you are away for a week or a month. 
Moon Dogs offers the peace of mind knowing that you have a sitter who lives nearby.

Our areas of coverage include: 
Sherman Oaks, Encino,  Studio City,
Valley Village, Toluca Lake
Lake Balboa ,
North Hollywood,
Laurel Canyon &
some northern areas of Hollywood.
Thank you for checking out Moon Dogs!!

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