About Us

Morgain McGovern
Moon Dogs Urban Farm

I'm an actress and writer who spends most of my time with animals.

After rescuing my dog Gracie under a car, I needed a pet sitter. It was hard to find a place for boarding at a reasonable price where she could play outside and not have to deal with a loud and scary kennel.

  The kennels I checked out for boarding wanted to charge me extra to play with her and I didn't want her to be kept in a cage for 23 hours with one hour of play time and a 15 minute walk. 

 Grace was used to being at Moon Dogs Farm, where we have an organic garden and many mature fruit trees. I wanted to create a place for dogs that was like the country, but had the convenience of being 20 minutes from Santa Monica and near Ventura Blvd.

I've been in the pet sitting business for over 7 years and have worked with strays and rescue animals most of my life.

All of my pets are rescues or strays, somehow, they find me.

I have excellent local references from my clients and can offer you the best love and care possible for your furbalicious pet.

We offer very good rates and discount deals for weekly clients.

We can only do doggie pick up and drop off's at the farm when it is light out and last dog pick up is at dusk.

Moon Dogs phone lines are open until 7pm but we check messages all the time.

We will try to return calls as soon as we can, but again, the fastest way to reach me is via email.

Mon - Fri: 9AM - 6:00PM
         Sat: 11AM - 2:00PM
         Sun: 11AM-  2:00PM

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